Jimmy Fallon Jokes RFK Jr.’s Brain Worm Is the Mastermind Behind All His Ideas: ‘Like in Ratatouille’

Jimmy Fallon joked in his opening monologue Wednesday night that all of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s bright ideas came from the dead worm that was inside his brain.

After throwing a few jabs at Donald Trump for cussing during his hush money trial, the “Tonight Show” host laid into the famously anti-vaccine third-party candidate Kennedy and the reveal this week that, according to a New York Times article, doctors found a dead parasite in his brain back in 2012.

“RFK Jr. said that years ago, a doctor found a dead worm in his brain. And this is strange — instead of using de-wormer, he injected himself with the COVID vaccine,” Fallon said. “He’s got it all wrong. His family’s like, ‘It’s true, but it still doesn’t explain why he’s like that.’ Apparently the worm was giving him all his ideas, like in ‘Ratatouille.'”

Fallon then broke into a performance, mimicking Kennedy and acting out what it would be like if the presidential hopeful had a French “Ratatouille” accent.

“It is not, uh — it is cold. I will warm it up,” Fallon said, en fake francaise.

As far as the worm goes, doctors found a dark spot that appeared in Kennedy brain during a medical scan. In a deposition, Kennedy said the spot “was caused by a worm that got into my brain and ate a portion of it and then died.” The deposition was part of Kennedy’s divorce proceedings from his second wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy.

When Fallon mentioned Kennedy’s “ideas,” he is more than likely referring to the long list of conspiracy theories Kennedy has spewed since launching his political run and even years before, particularly around vaccines. For example, he stated that COVID vaccines were developed with a microchip in them that can control people. He also claimed antidepressants are connected to the rise of school shootings around the country.

Fallon’s reference to the 2007 film “Ratatouille,” of course, revolved around its plot. In the animated Disney flick, a rat who has dreams of becoming a chef moves to Paris and controls a low-level kitchen worker, helping him pull off his culinary work while the rat stays clear of anyone’s sight.

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