Jimmy Fallon Suspects RFK Jr Will ‘Worm His Way’ Into Presidential Debates | Video

As the election year moves forward, Jimmy Fallon isn’t letting go of the oddest story about one of this year’s candidates: RFK Jr.’s brain worm.

“Everyone’s still talking about the presidential debate, and apparently even though RFK Jr. wasn’t invited to participate, there’s still a chance he could qualify for it,” Fallon said during his opening “Tonight Show” monologue Thursday night. “I’m guessing one way or another, he’s going to worm his way in there.”

On Wednesday, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden agreed to face off in a series of debates that will take place in June and September. That invitation probably won’t include RFK Jr., who is unlikely to meet the debate qualifications laid out by CNN.

The presidential hopeful criticized the decision, writing on X, ““Keeping viable candidates off the debate stage undermines democracy.” Trump has since said that he has “no problem” welcoming RFK Jr. to the debate if he qualifies. But whether or not RFK Jr. will be able to debate these frontrunners is far from the biggest news story about the candidate.

Earlier in May, the New York Times reported that doctors found a dead worm in RFK Jr.’s brain, which the candidate claims no longer impacts his cognitive ability. The parasite was found after doctors found a dark spot on his medical examination. The news shocked voters and has elicited a wave of criticism on social media.

That wasn’t the only RFK Jr. joke Fallon had up his sleeve Thursday night. “Biden, Trump and RFK Jr. — that might be the first debate where the winner is whoever doesn’t speak,” Fallon joked.

Fallon’s guests for the evening were daytime talkshow host Drew Barrymore and Mexican singer Peso Pluma.

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