Jimmy Kimmel Relishes Trump ‘Stewing’ Over His Oscars Bit: ‘Barbie Was Laughing at You’ | Video

Jimmy Kimmel checked in with Donald Trump on his post-St. Patrick’s Day segment, stoking the embers of their feud, which was fully reignited at the Oscars earlier this month.

After recounting what his son expected from the leprechauns on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the Academy Awards host launched into how “the large, orange leprechaun spent his St. Patrick’s Day focused on me, of all people.”

“St. Fatty had an interview with Fox News,” Kimmel said before playing a clip of the conversation in question. “Apparently, he’s still stewing about a joke I made about him at the Oscars.”

In the interview, a journalist asked Trump about his feud with Kimmel and then segued into how Kimmel read Trump’s Truth Social critique of his hosting abilities at the 96th Academy Awards.

Trump doubled down on his claims that Kimmel’s ratings are terrible and that he’s not talented, but he also took a moment to brag about the post going “viral all over the world.”

“Yeah, by the way, you forget why it went viral all over the world,” Kimmel responded before replaying what he said after reading Trump’s Truth Social post: “Thank you for watching. I’m surprised you’re still here, isn’t it past your jail time?”

Footage of the Oscars audience showed “Nyad” star Annette Bening clapping and cheering, as well as “Barbie” star Margot Robbie giggling in her seat.

“Barbie was laughing at you,” Kimmel said Monday. “Not only were they laughing at you on Oscars Sunday, there are now dozens of ‘Past your jail time shirts.’” Kimmel also highlighted a backpack embroidered with the slogan, chalk spelling out the phrase outside the Trump Hotel, billboards in Pennsylvania and more.

“What else did I say about him? I said some pretty good things,” Trump told the reporter, referring to his nickname for Kimmel — “George Slop-odopoulos.”

Kimmel fired right back at this by pointing out how very opposite of sloppy — clean-cut, muscular, smart and fit — the real George Stephanopoulos is, rendering the nickname not very good.

“If you’re looking for Slop-odopoulos,” Kimmel said, showing a photo of Trump sitting at a golf course, “this here’s Slop-odopoulos.”

Watch the full segment, below:

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