Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Know ‘Why Trump Hasn’t Already Been Punished’ for Constant Gag Order Violations | Video

During his monologue on Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel spent a lot of time talking about the ins and outs of Trump’s ongoing criminal trial in New York. But among other things, the ABC host wants to know how Trump keeps getting away with violating the gag order imposed on him.

During the trial today, Trump and his lawyers argued over that gag order, with prosecutors noting he has “willfully and blatantly” violated it again and again. Nothing really happened to Trump of course. He’s been threatened with what is for someone with his wealth a laughably small fine but so far he hasn’t been punished. And so it is Kimmel talked about it.

“The day began with some fireworks. There were several heated exchanges between Trump’s lawyers and the judge in the hearing about whether or not he definitely violated the judge’s gag order,” Kimmel said.

“Judge Merchan told Trump’s lead attorney, guy named Todd Blanche, that his arguments didn’t make sense, that he ‘presented nothing,'” Kimmel continued, “And that he was losing ‘all credibility with the court.’ To his credit, Blanche fired back, he said ‘Your Honor, I lost all credibility when I agreed to represent Donald Trump! That is not a issue.'”

“Why Trump hasn’t already been punished for violating the gag order, I don’t know,” Kimmel said. “I’m sure he’s driving his lawyers nuts. Twenty minutes after his lawyer told the judge ‘President Trump is being very careful to comply with your order.'”

“Trump very carefully posted this,” Kimmel said as he showed a social media message from Trump onscreen. “Highly conflicted, to put it mildly.”

“By the way, you can’t put it mildly, when you’re using all caps. It’s impossible,” Kimmel interjected, then continued reading Trump’s message. “Judge Juan Merchan, has taken away my constitutional right to free speech. Everybody is allowed to talk and lie about me, but I am not allowed to defend myself. this is a kangaroo court, and the judge should recuse himself!”

“He violated the gag order during a hearing about whether he violated the gag order,” Kimmel said, exasperated.

Watch the whole monologue above now.

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