Joan Collins complains to Sadiq Khan after almost being knocked down by masked cyclist in London

Dame Joan Collins (Dave Benett)
Dame Joan Collins (Dave Benett)

Actress Dame Joan Collins has complained to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan after she was crashed into by a cyclist in central London.

The 89-year-old star had been getting out of a taxi on her way to the capital’s oldest restaurant, Rules, in Covent Garden, when she was reportedly nearly knocked down by a “masked cyclist with no lights and weaving on the pavement”.

Posting on Instagram on Thursday, Dame Joan urged the Mayor of London to “do something” to tackle cyclists who “consider themselves above the law”.

“Getting out of a #blackcab on the way to @rules_restaurant, we discovered #maidenlane was closed to all traffic,” she wrote in the post.

“However, that didn’t stop a masked #cyclist with no lights and weaving on the pavement from crashing into me, almost knocking me over. How much longer must we live with closed roads and cyclists who consider themselves above the law?

“Why don’t you do something @mayorofldn @sadiq before this beautiful city of #london is ruined?”

The veteran actress has won a string of accolades throughout her career including a Golden Globe, and was made a dame for her services to charity in 2015.

She shared her Instagram post alongside a photograph of her dining at Rules, along with actor Christopher Biggins, Mamma Mia! film producer Judy Craymer, Marks & Spencer CEO Stuart Machin, and her husband, actor Percy Gibson.

Other Instagram users were quick to agree with her frustration.

One user, named Kevin Otley, wrote: “Agree 100%. Local policemen on the beat used to pull cyclists over for riding on pavement & definitely if no lights on.”

Another, named Lisa, wrote: “Well said!!! Fed up with how London is being spoiled. It’s been on the slippery slope for years”.

Phil Harvey added: “Joan I’m with you on this one! My daily commute is blighted by cyclists jumping red lights, going the wrong way down one way streets etc, I hate crossing the road as they come from nowhere.”