Joanna Lumley says women could lose out in gender neutral awards

The star said she wouldn't have a chance if she was up for best actor against lots of men

Joanna Lumley has shared her thoughts on awards. (Getty)
Joanna Lumley has shared her thoughts on awards. (Getty)

Joanna Lumley has suggested women could miss out on gongs if awards ceremonies scrap gendered categories.

There has been a move towards gender neutral prizes of late, with the BRITs replacing the best male and female solo artist categories with just one inclusive award.

But in an interview on TalkTV, Absolutely Fabulous star Lumley appeared to say that there could be a downside.

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“I know that if my name was just put up as best actor against lots of men, I wouldn’t have a chance," said the star.

“But as best actress, you might. If you wanted a chance.”

Lumley, 76, also said that she was “not sure” about awards at all anyway.

“I’m not sure that they are great," she said.

“Book awards and things like this, art awards, so much of it is in taste.”

The actor said that when it came to the Oscars she “realised that to get even onto a list to be part of the shortlist, you have to go around lobbying people and promising things, and having lunch”.

“These are the stars who are up for it,” she went on.

Joanna Lumley, Explorer - World Premiere, BFI Southbank, London, UK, 04 July 2022, Photo by Richard Goldschmidt
Joanna Lumley said she's 'not sure' about awards. (PA Images/Alamy)

“You have to go, as it were, tarting around trying to get people in favour, I’m not sure about it.”

“And so I think to dimmish it and to make it even more, you know, neutral, makes it a bit sort of weird,” Lumley added.

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Her comments come after this year’s BRITs nominations list sparked a backlash over the fact that the new single best artist category did not feature any females.

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