Job seeker allegedly shoplifts from Mifflinburg store

May 11—MIFFLINBURG — A Middleburg man on a job interview at Coles Hardware in Mifflinburg allegedly shoplifted coax connectors valued at less than $3.50 a pack, according to Mifflinburg Borough Police Department.

Because it was the third alleged offense for retail theft, Nathaniel Louis Posten, 35, of Route 522, Middleburg, was charged with a felony count of retail theft. The charge was filed by Mifflinburg Police Officer David P. Shaffer in the Mifflinburg office of District Judge Jeffrey Mensch.

Posten arrived at the store at 24 E. Chestnut St., Mifflinburg, on April 2 just prior to his 10 a.m. job interview. After the interview, video surveillance shows Posten leaving the store but returning minutes later to use the restroom, police said.

Posten exited the restroom at 10:07 a.m. and walked to the electrical section of the store. After looking around, Posten allegedly removed a coax connector packet from the shelf, opened the packaging and removed one of the connectors before throwing the package behind the TV wall mount kits, police said.

Posten allegedly placed the item valued at $3.49 in his pocket, never paying for item before leaving the store, police said.

Police interviewed Posten on April 24. Posten initially denied the theft, but later allegedly admitted that he had stolen the item, police said.

Posten also has a suspended driver's license, police said.

Posten was arraigned on Monday and released on non-monetary bail conditions. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing at 3 p.m. May 28 in front of Mensch.