Jobe Bellingham sets out next season Sunderland agenda with culture comment made

Sunderland's Jobe Bellingham arrives at Elland Road ahead of their clash with Leeds United -Credit:PA
Sunderland's Jobe Bellingham arrives at Elland Road ahead of their clash with Leeds United -Credit:PA

Embracing life on Wearside has been the key to Jobe Bellingham’s successful season at Sunderland. The 18-year-old might have a different life to older brother Jude, who famously plies his trade in Madrid, but he is happy nonetheless with his progress in the game so far.

There are bound to be interested parties from around Europe for Bellingham’s signature this summer but he gave a strong hint he will be with the club next season. “So many people told me what to expect coming up here,” he told the club’s YouTube channel. “But you never really understand until you come here.

“I was wide-eyed and it was amazing. The supporters and the players we had here and the ambition. Now, because I feel part of the club I feel more driven now. There’s things that we need to put right and try to improve.”

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He added: “I would encourage anyone to play football here and in terms of people in the north east, they are so generous. Like, I’ve not had one bad encounter with people on the streets, through good and bad times. When they come up to me they are so polite, so kind and always have nice things to say. That goes both ways of course but it’s been a real positive experience in terms of people.

“I can’t thank the fans enough for their support and I would recommend anyone to try and embrace the culture wherever they go and I’ve really tried to embrace the club and the area as well. That’s not hard, I’ve found. I feel like I’ve been here much longer than a year to be honest.

“The people have helped me embed into the club and the area. I’ve grown and got even better as a player and as a person.” He hasn’t set himself any targets for next season but it appears he would love to stay at the Stadium of Light and that the fans have played no small part in that.

On his targets he added: “I’ve not got any goals set. Not until I come back to pre-season really. That’s the best way to do it. But my first season will stand me in good stead going into future seasons. I have had the privilege of playing for a huge club in front of a huge fan base which brings different pressures and you have to learn to adapt to that as well.

“It’s been a big learning experience and there have been many ups and downs as there are in any season. I wouldn't change anything, there’s been more highs than lows and it’s what you learn from them.

“Next season I want to hit the next milestone and improve and get better and I’m desperate to do that. Sometimes I’m impatient but personally the season is definitely something to look back on and be proud of yourself really but at the same time I don’t want to stand still.”