Jodie Whittaker's new show gets tense trailer ahead of UK release

jodie whittaker, one night
Jodie Whittaker’'s new show gets tense trailerJoel Pratley/Paramount+

Jodie Whittaker's thriller, One Night, has unveiled a tense new trailer.

The new trailer for the series, which will stream in the UK on Paramount Plus from November 24, has given viewers a sneak peek at Whittaker's Australian accent, a semi-fictional novel and the lasting repercussions of one night a long time ago.

One Night features the former Doctor Who star alongside Nicole da Silva and Orange is the New Black's Yael Stone.

The series follows a trio of friends, one of whom (da Silva's Simone) has written a bestselling novel about an unknown but traumatic event that happened to them 20 years prior – without asking permission.

jodie whittaker, one night
Joel Pratley/Paramount+

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As seen in One Night's trailer, Simone is presented with a contract to sign stating that everyone and everything in her novel is entirely fictional – and she appears hesitant to do so.

The reason for this becomes clear when Stone's character Hat asks angrily: "How could you write about this without asking us?"

Events are also set in motion by Tess's (Whittaker) return to her old friends – though she seems reluctant to have done so, admitting: "I didn't think I'd ever come back here."

Although the trailer is cryptic, One Night's tension focuses on this forgotten event – and who has the right to tell it as a story. As another character tells Simone: "It's not right. All the secrets."

jodie whittaker, yael stone, nicole da silva, one night
Joel Pratley/Paramount+

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The rest of the trailer features flashbacks, including younger versions of the central trio, and images that hint at disturbing scenes: a body floats in a pool, a match is struck, and a woman stands – terrified – at the end of a long hallway.

"What do you remember?" Tess asks Simone, before the trailer finishes.

The series is directed by Catherine Millar and Lisa Matthews and was created and written by Emily Ballou, and aired in Australia earlier this year.

One Night will be available to stream on Paramount Plus on November 24.

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