Joe Hart relives penalty heroics as Celtic hero names 5 superstars he's denied including 'one of his best saves'

Joe Hart has named FIVE superstars he denied from the penalty spot as he relived some career highlights.

The former Celtic No1 hung up his gloves at the end of the season as he looks to make his mark in the punditry world. He's part of the team covering Euro 2024 and will be hoping it is the start of a regular gig. The ex-England international faced some massive names in the world of football during his career at both club and international level and played on the biggest of stages. Playing in these huge moments means facing the best around and Hart was no stranger to a tussle with the elite. He even came out on top both with his club and personally when it came to the mind games from 12-yards.

Hart - who has left Brendan Rodgers huge shoes to fill at Parkhead this summer - has looked back at some of his favourite penalty moments from his career and detailed not only the huge players he saved from but what happened in each moment. Speaking to the BBC, he said: "I amassed a pretty good hitlist in terms of penalty saves in my career. I obviously conceded a lot before anyone gets carried away but I have got some pretty cool names. Ronaldinho being one. I saved low to my left at Wembley. Managed to make the save after as well when I had to sort of tackle him on the line, that was a pretty cool moment.

"Lionel Messi towards the end of a first leg at the Etihad. I just tried to hold my ground as long as I possibly could. I actually managed to dive to my left and put it back at him. He did like a diving header and managed to put it wide.

"Frank Lampard was a huge save for me. One, because he is an incredible player and two, he hit penalties so well. It was one of the best saves I have ever made in terms of he smashed it as hard as he could into the bottom right corner.

"Cesc Fabregas was I think my first Premier League penalty save. I just remember the moment diving to my left. I knew from the way he shaped up and the way he hit it. It wasn't a bad penalty but everything I wanted to do worked.

"Zlatan Ibrahimović, obviously a very confident player and strikes the ball well. Again, a big moment - quarter-final of the Champions League. I tried to hold my ground as long as I could. I'd already tried to hold up the penalty as long as I could to put pressure on to a man who doesn't really feel pressure. He hit it well, low down to my right and I made a good, strong save."