Joe Lycett mocks Nadine Dorries with fake resignation letter

Fans were amused by Joe Lycett's stunt. (PA)
Fans were amused by Joe Lycett's stunt. (PA)

Joe Lycett has tickled fans by sharing a fake letter about bottle openers from Nadine Dorries to the Prime Minister.

The comedian posted the hilarious note on Twitter as Boris Johnson was expected to announce he was stepping down, amid a flurry of government resignations.

His letter had been mocked up to make it look as if it was on the Culture Secretary's official paper.

Dorries has remained loyal to Johnson, which has triggered many memes and GIFs on social media in the last few hours.

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The letter started: "It is with deep sadness that I have reached the conclusion this is not working.

"I have made honest efforts to resolve the difficulties but it has become clear this morning that I am unable to proceed further.

"I would like to thank you for purchasing the PoptheTop automatic bottle opener for me last week.

"I was very grateful for this and for many things you have done for me, but I believe you have not purchased the correct bottle opener. I was looking to open a bottle of 'I Heart Pinot Grigio' I got from Tesco last night and discovered the PoptheTop bottle opener is actually only designed to open traditional beer bottles or Coca Cola or J2O Apple and Mango."

File photo dated 23/3/2022 of Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries who has accused commentators of mocking her dyslexia after she muddled her words in a video posted on social media by a Conservative MP. In a TikTok video, Nadine Dorries is heard talking about people being able to
Joe Lycett mocked up a fake letter from Nadine Dorries. (PA)

The letter continued: "It has been the honour of my life working in your government.

"I will believe and stand by you."

However, it went on to suggest that Johnson "reconsider" and purchase the Cuisinart CW050U electric wine opener "which is £50 in John Lewis" or the Le Creuset LM250 Lever Corkscrew although it is "£95 and looks confusing to use".

File photo dated 17/03/20 of Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaking at a media briefing in Downing Street, London, on Coronavirus (COVID-19). Boris Johnson will publicly announce his resignation later today, likely before lunchtime, the BBC is reporting. Issue date: Thursday July 7, 2022.
Boris Johnson is expected to announce his resignation. (PA)

Lycett finished the letter by saying: "Please replace the PoptheTop automatic bottle opener which doesn't even work on the Grolsch bottles which have the metal clasp."

Fans loved the pretend letter and one said Lycett was fast becoming a "national treasure".

"You are very naughty," tweeted someone else.

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"Love it Joe," said another.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 16:  Joe Lycett attends a photocall during the Edinburgh International Book Festival on August 16, 2017 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  (Photo by Simone Padovani/Awakening/Getty Images)
The comedian shared his letter on Twitter. (Simone Padovani/Awakening/Getty Images)

"You don’t know me but I love you," said one person. "Thank you for this - it has been the highlight of my morning."

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