Joe Swash admits 'big challenge' he and Stacey Solomon have with their 6 kids

Stacey Solomon's family
Stacey Solomon's family -Credit:Instagram/ @staceysolomon

TV favourite Joe Swash has hinted at the possibility of expanding his brood with Stacey Solomon, despite admitting they already have a lot on their hands. The couple are already proud parents to six children.

Joe, 42, known for his role in EastEnders, is dad to Harry, 16, from a previous relationship, while Stacey, 34, is mum to Zachary, 15, and Leighton, 11, from past relationships. Together, they share Rex, four, Rose, two, and Belle, one.

Speaking candidly, the king of the jungle from I'm A Celeb in 2008 shared: "I never thought I'd be sitting here with six kids. So you never know what life's going to throw at you. But if it does throw another baby at me there could be worse things."

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Joe also opened up about the challenges of parenting a large, blended family: "The big challenge is that they're all different stages. We need to keep an eye on everyone's needs to make sure they're all being met," reports the Mirror.

Parenting can be exhausting, as Joe admits: "It's really hard. When you're tired you feel like a zombie. But they're your kids and it's the most fulfilling job in the world."

He also confessed that within their parenting dynamic, he tends to be the more lenient one. "We both sing off the same hymn sheet but Stacey has more willpower. So sometimes I will give in if they're driving me mad."

Joe revealed that with a family of six, lavish holidays aren't on the cards, but they relish budget-friendly adventures. He's throwing his support behind Dairylea Discovery Days, which offers families £10 off Trainline tickets, encouraging exploration.

Joe shared: "I encourage our kids to go and play outside, use their imagination, free play as much as possible. That's why I wanted to be part of the campaign, because I know the importance of taking the kids out and having a bit of adventure.

"And Dairylea is making it easier with the reduction on the price of the train tickets. We're in a time where money is tight, so any way that you can save a little bit of money is a great idea. We're gonna do another little camping holiday soon, me, Stacey and the family. We like to keep it quite simple.

"Fancy holidays are well out the window with six kids. we just have the best time possible. And as long as the kids are enjoying it, holidays are not about me and Stacey. It's all about the kids. Are the kids enjoying it? Then we've done right."