Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon's 'scary' realisation that's made them consider big change

Pictured is Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon
Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon discuss foster care -Credit:BBC

Joe Swash has opened up about his and Stacey Solomon's serious consideration of becoming foster parents, a decision deeply rooted in personal experience. Joe's mother, Kiffy, has been a dedicated foster carer for over a decade, and the impact she's had on her foster child, Daniel, has profoundly influenced Joe and Stacey's perspective.

The actor and TV presenter, who recently became the first ambassador for Comfort Cases charity supporting children in foster care across England and Wales maintains a strong relationship with his foster brother Daniel, who joined their family at the age of seven. Witnessing the transformative effect his mother had on Daniel's life has inspired Joe and his wife Stacey to potentially follow in her footsteps.

Joe expressed his feelings, saying: "It would definitely be of interest to both Stacey and I [to become foster parents], as we have seen the difference my mum has made to little Daniel's life and the young man he is growing up to be." He added, "And it truly scares us to think what could've happened if my mum had never met him; and the difference it would've made to his life.

In his role as an ambassador, Joe aims to highlight the critical role of foster care, reports the Express. He elaborated: "Kids in the care system has always been something at the forefront of my family, with my mum being a foster carer. Seeing the difference that love, attention, and stability can make to a child as a result of foster care is amazing.

"As the ambassador for Comfort Cases UK, I would like to think I'd bring some attention to this subject and get a conversation going." The star went on to say, ahead of the charity marking Foster Fortnight this month: "My family and my mum are really happy about my new role at Comfort Cases UK.

"It's something very important to our family, and I know my mum will be proud, but really, my sisters and I are proud of her and all the tremendous work she's done."

Joe Swash and his mum
Joe Swash has been inspired by his mum's time as a foster carer -Credit:BBC

Last year, the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! winner, who is a father-of-four, brought the care system to the forefront of the conversation with his BBC documentary, Joe Swash: Teens in Care.

Reflecting on the experience of filming the poignant programme, Joe said: "I was interested in the care system before I did the documentary, which drove me to make it happen and to create it.

"However, being able to see first-hand what some young people have to go through and the childhood they miss out on was really shocking.

"This is why I'm delighted to be able to continue raising awareness of the challenges affecting children in care through my work with Comfort Cases UK.

"The charity is set up to help children in care by providing bespoke belongings, filled with essential and comforting items such as, books, PJs, toiletries, soft toys, blankets and even SIM cards for older children, at a time when they are most vulnerable.

"These Comfort Cases are invaluable and offer far more than just the items inside they offer a sense of belonging, safety, and security to children when everything is crumbling around them."

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