Joel Dommett turning down work

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Joel Dommett turning down work credit:Bang Showbiz
Joel Dommett turning down work credit:Bang Showbiz

Joel Dommett has started turning down work after his wife said she is sick of seeing him on TV.

The 37-year-old presenter admitted he finds it difficult to say no to new TV jobs but he is planning to cut back on the advice of his wife Hannah Cooper.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Hannah says it all the time. She sees me as a person and then she gets home and I’m not there, and she sees me on the TV as well.

“There’s no way I would get too big for my boots because I have a wife who constantly keeps me in check.

“The thing is, I love making television. I love the process, the people, making friends, and when you get paid to do that it’s difficult to say no.

"I also work a lot because I have always felt like it was going to end. But 'The Masked Singer' and 'The Masked Dancer' have given me a bit of a comfort blanket in terms of feeling I’ve got a few years of security.

"That’s the hard part at this stage of my career though, you do have to start saying no to things.

“And the reason is that otherwise people would start to hate you.”

However, Joel admitted he is very self-critical.

He said: "I would phone Hannah after a show, crying down the phone, thinking I was so bad at it. I’d mess up the autocue and feel so nervous.

“I would go back to my hotel room and put an audiobook on subtitles and just read it out loud for hours on end to try to improve.

“It didn’t really make a difference because it’s a ¬different type of pressure when you are on live TV but I’ve learned to love it.

“But I cry after shows every now and then. I am very self-critical. I am probably a bit too hard on myself.”