Joel Kim Booster reveals which iconic 'Drag Race' moment he's showing Maya Rudolph next

BJoel Kim Booster Maya Rudolph
BJoel Kim Booster Maya Rudolph

RuPaul really has everyone gagged.

This season of RuPaul's Drag Race has had everyone talking and hilarious comedian Joel Kim Booster was one of the lucky guest judges to see all of the excitement behind the scenes.

Booster is such a huge fan of the show that he's even showing his A-list celebrity pals his favorite moments from Drag Race.

During season one of his hit Apple TV+ series Loot, the star showed costar Maya Rudolph the legendary bop "Let Loose" by Loosey LaDuca, which went viral during season 15.

Loosey LaDuca was clearly gagged that Maya Rudolph is now a fan of "Let Loose," so that begs the question... what iconic moment would Booster show Rudolph next?

"It would have to be one of the lip syncs! Maya, while she would appreciate a split and a dip, I think I would show her Dita Ritz vs. The Princess 'This Will Be.' That is high drag to me. She loves a lip sync! I think she would really appreciate Dita's artistry," Booster tells PRIDE.

Not only does the duo enjoy watching the show in their free time, but Booster is rooting for two competing queens to take home the season 16 crown.

"It's so hard now! I feel like they're all my children after getting to judge them. I love all of those girls. It's really hard to pick a favorite, but I guess if I were backed into a corner, I would say double crowning Nymphia and Sapphira," Booster says.

Booster and Rudolph have become inseparable since working together on their hysterical comedy Loot. The hit show returns for a second season next week on Apple TV+.

"We were so excited to delve into developing these relationships even more. We love all of these characters, so now getting a chance to see them interact in different combinations has been the fun part. It all makes for a very funny soup," Rudolph shares.

Season two of Loot premieres Wednesday, April 3 on Apple TV+. To see the full interview with Maya Rudolph and Joel Kim Booster, check out the video below.

Joel Kim Booster Reveals Which Iconic 'Drag Race' Moment He's Showing Maya Rudolph Next