Joey Fatone was excited for reinvention after NSYNC split

Joey Fatone wanted something new after NSYNC split credit:Bang Showbiz
Joey Fatone wanted something new after NSYNC split credit:Bang Showbiz

Joey Fatone wanted to reinvent himself after *NSYNC split up.

The 47-year-old star has reflected on taking his career and life in a new direction after the 'Bye Bye Bye' boy band first split in 2002, and he was open to going in new directions.

Asked how the breakup "forced" him to reinvent himself, he told Rolling Stone magazine: "Well, thank God it didn’t force me. I wanted to.

"It wasn’t like, 'Oh damn, I’m out of a job. What have I got to do?' It was more or less... 'These doors are opened. Let’s see if I can walk in. I may suck, but let’s find out.' "

Joey chased a career on stage, and he noticed people's perception of him changing as he got more experience.

He added: "I always wanted to do Broadway. Right after *NYSNC, I did 'Rent' on Broadway. I did 'Little Shop of Horrors' on Broadway.

"And then when I did 'Dancing With the Stars', people saw my personality. People were like, 'Oh, he’s not just a guy from ‘NSync. He’s actually a person that actually acts.'

"It was interesting, the path that I had to go through, but it was amazing."

And Joey admitted he never expected the group - which also includes Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, and Lance Bass - to reunite, which initially came at the MTV Video Music Awards in September, swiftly followed by the release of 'Better Place' for the 'Trolls Band Together' movie.

Speaking at a fan event at the time, he said: "It was fun! MTV Awards was really cool. It was fun for me and the guys to get back together. It was surreal in the sense of we kind of just stepped back from each other.

"Literally, we fell into place. We’re excited for *NSYNC to come out with a song, which is crazy to say after 25 years. And no, I don’t know if there is a tour!"