Joey King: I've had to grow up a little bit faster

Joey King feels she had to "grow up a little bit faster".

The 24-year-old actress first found fame as a child, starring in her first commercial at the age of four, and Joey now believes that she's been forced to mature at an accelerated speed.

During an appearance on the 'Armchair Expert' podcast, Joey explained: "I've been in a world in which I've been exposed to adulthood. I had a mortgage by the time I was 14.

"Responsibility makes you grow up a little bit faster."

Joey didn't actually have any pushback "at all" from family and friends over her decision to marry Steven Piet.

The actress - who tied the knot in 2023 - said: "My family and everyone in my life, they adore Steven. He's the easiest person to love. They were so stoked."

But Joey feels she's in a no-win situation with some of her critics.

She shared: "It's either, 'You're too young,' 'You're too old,' 'How long have you been dating each other?' or, 'You don't know each other that well,' 'You've been together too long - where's the ring?'"

Joey hasn't enjoyed hearing some of the life advice that's come her way over recent months.

The 'Kissing Booth' star said: "People love to give you unsolicited advice about marriage. The minute we got married, people were like, 'Oh, buckle up. Marriage is hard.' And we're sitting here like, 'Wonderful. Thank you for telling us newlyweds that. We love to hear it.'"

Joey also observed that some of her family members have tied the knot at an even younger age.

She explained: "My grandmother got married at 18, and it was so normal back then.

"If someone got married at 24 when my grandma was 18, they'd be like, 'What is taking her so long?' So it's all relative, and everyone's different."