Johannes Radebe promises 'iconic moment' in 'Strictly' Samba (exclusive)

Watch: Johannes and John talk to Yahoo about their samba

Strictly Come Dancing pro Johannes Radebe has promised an "iconic moment" in his Samba with John Whaite tonight.

The 2021 series has featured some strong Sambas so far, but the dancer declared his intention to get a better score than all of them with the routine he had planned for baker Whaite.

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Radebe told Yahoo UK: "I want us to have an iconic moment on the dancefloor and I've choreographed around John's ability.

Johannes Radebe has teased a must-see Samba for John Whaite. (BBC)
Johannes Radebe has teased a must-see Samba for John Whaite. (BBC)

"Kudos to others, but I would like to get higher scores than that was."

Former Bake Off winner Whaite, who has admitted to finding the Samba his toughest dance yet, said he was looking forward to performing in the live show.

Programme Name: Strictly Come Dancing 2021 - TX: 30/10/2021 - Episode: Strictly Come Dancing - TX6 LIVE SHOW (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: **LIVE SHOW** John Whaite, Johannes Radebe - (C) BBC - Photographer: Kieron McCarron
The couple have had plenty of iconic moments so far. (BBC/Kieron McCarron)

He said: "Whatever score we get, I'll be supremely proud of what Johannes and I do. Unless I fall flat on my face."

Whaite said that he had even had to leave the training room at one point this week because of his frustration with the dance.

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He said: "I was just getting irritated and frustrated with myself, I just had to walk out for a minute because I felt like I was letting (Radebe) down."

But Radebe replied: "He just wants to get it right, as a teacher that's a student you want and he shows a huge respect for what we do."

Radebe also told how competing as part of the show's first all-male couple had allowed him more freedom in his choreography.

John Whaite and Johannes Radebe performed the Tango for their first live dance on 'Strictly'. (BBC)
Radebe says Whaite has to be technically spot on. (BBC)

He said: "I've never been lifted before and (Whaite) lifts me as if I'm a feather. It has changed the dynamics and it's exciting because we can change roles with who's the leader, which adds to the complexity of the routine."

But he added: "I always feel that John is more exposed because with traditional couples, there's a big ballroom dress that adds to the magic of the dance and covers up some of the dancer and we don't have that.

"We have to make sure all of the technical elements are in place."

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturdays and Sundays on BBC One.

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