John Barrowman wants to move past 'sexual harassment' allegations

Watch: John Barrowman has said he wants a second chance

John Barrowman has said he wants a chance to move on from accusations of sexual misconduct - saying he has learned to change his behaviour.

The 54-year-old actor has admitted to previously exposing himself to cast and crew while working on Doctor Who spin-off show Torchwood but said he would never behave like that now as he understands it is not acceptable.

Barrowman told ITV’s Lorraine: “I think that if it was now, it would be crossing the line. I think that something that happened 15 years ago, it was bawdy behaviour, silly behaviour, it was being done in the confines of the set, and we were like a family, working together. The fact that it was stories that I’ve already told. I’ve been telling them for years.

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"I haven’t hidden anything, they’ve been exaggerated, and they’ve tried to turn them into sexual harassment which it absolutely is not.

John Barrowman has said he wants a chance to show he has changed. (ITV)
John Barrowman has said he wants a chance to show he has changed. (ITV)

“The one thing for me, all the people that are making the fuss about it, they weren’t there, they don’t know the context of things that were done.

"I would never do it now but what we’re not allowing people and myself to do… we’re not allowing people to learn to adapt and to change, and that’s the most important thing.”

Asked by presenter Lorraine Kelly if he has changed he said: “Of course I have. And we’ve moved on. From this point I want to move on and continue to move forward.”

John Barrowman starred as Captain Jark Harkness in 'Torchwood'. (BBC)
John Barrowman starred as Captain Jark Harkness in 'Torchwood'. (BBC)

But the actor — who has left the judging panel of Dancing On Ice — said he now feels nervous about being himself.

Barrowman said, “I’m extremely nervous, and that is not me. The fact of the matter is I know throughout my career and everything I’ve done, it’s promoting people to be yourself, to not be ashamed of who you are and at the moment what’s happening is I feel like I’m having to monitor everything.

"I’ll get past that. I’ll still have fun, I’ll still be silly, I’ll still be outrageous but in a different context to what it was 15 years ago… And we can’t change that. It’s not going to happen again.”

The All Star Musicals host denied he was axed from Dancing On Ice over the allegations.

John Barrowman has been enbracing his grey hair. (Getty Images)
John Barrowman has been enbracing his grey hair. (Getty Images)

He said: "Dancing On Ice is also a show that changes judges all the time."

Barrowman also revealed he has dyed his grey hair after being told by Hollywood producers he looked to old.

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The Scottish-born American actor had been embracing a silver fox look in recent years, but has now started dying his hair again.

John Barrowman and guest attend the TRIC Awards 2020 at The Grosvenor House in London. (Photo by James Warren / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)
John Barrowman said his husband Scott is loving his new dyed brown hair. (PA)

He explained: "I was doing meetings and auditions in the States and the comments were, 'The face doesn't fit the hair.' They said we'd like you to go back to the dark because it makes you look younger."

Barrowman added his husband of 14 years Scott Gill is very "happy" with his new look.