John Bercow criticised for bizarre 'Be a good boy!' school gates rant at Michael Gove

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

John Bercow has been criticised for “ranting like a lunatic” at Michael Gove during Tuesday night’s crucial vote in the House of Commons.

The Speaker was visibly furious as he admonished Mr Gove, bringing the MP’s children into the scathing attack.

As Mr Gove reacted to the night’s events, Mr Bercow shouted at him: "I say to the Chancellor of the Duchy, that when he turns up at our school as a parent, he's a very well-behaved fellow.

Mr Bercow was criticised for using Mr Gove's children in an attack on the MP (PA)
Mr Gove was singled out by the Speaker during the vote (PA)

"He wouldn't dare behave like that in front of [the school] and neither would I."

Continuing his attack, Mr Bercow blasted: "Don't gesticulate, don't rant, spare us the theatrics, behave yourself.

"Be a good boy, young man – be a good boy.”

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The reaction from Mr Gove’s wife, journalist Sarah Vine, was one of anger, as she tweeted: "Insult me, insult my husband – but don’t bring the kids into it. Please. And thank you.”

Political pundits also took to Twitter to accuse the Speaker of “losing the plot”:

Mr Bercow has been accused of political bias for allowing the motion that was designed to extend the Brexit process past the October 31 deadline.

He also spoke out publicly at Mr Johnson’s plan to suspend Parliament, saying he would fight it with “every bone in my body”.

Mr Gove speaks in the Commons (PA)
Boris Johnson suffered his first major defeat as PM on Tuesday night (SWNS)

Mr Johnson is hoping to call an early general election following Tuesday night’s defeat – but opposition parties have vowed to vote against it until no-deal has been taken off the table.

A new survey has found that the Tories could suffer heavy losses in Scotland if they go to the polls, gifting seats to the SNP.