John Cena Says WWE-Netflix Deal Is ‘Good for Everybody,’ Congratulates Dwayne Johnson on TKO Board News: ‘That Warms My Heart’

John Cena is in full support of WWE’s recent pact with Netflix to stream “Monday Night Raw” on the platform starting in 2025.

At the world premiere of his new movie “Argylle” in London, Cena told Variety that the deal is “good for everybody” and congratulated fellow wrestler Dwayne Johnson — with whom he feuded in the 2010s — on joining the board of WWE parent TKO.

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“That’s great for WWE, that’s obviously great for TKO. It came in tandem with an announcement that Dwayne Johnson is now on the board of TKO and he’s going to be more involved with WWE — that warms my heart,” Cena said. “I think it’s great for Netflix because WWE will get global exposure and it will help Netflix in all of its markets. WWE’s been around the world forever, so Netflix immediately gets a global property that they don’t have to air U.S.-only or Canada-only, they can put it everywhere. And with WWE, the entertainment never stops. They know they have a reliable source of constant entertainment. This is a partnership that’s great for both brands. I couldn’t be happier.”

As for if the world will see Cena on Netflix, the wrestler-turned-actor seemed open to the idea, though he affirmed his plans to take a step back from the sport.

“I will retire soon from in-ring action,” Cena said. “WWE’s always my family, I’ll always be there in any capacity they’ll have me, but we got a wonderful young generation that needs to strut their stuff. I hope I’m lucky enough to be on Netflix in 2025.”

In Matthew Vaughn’s “Argylle,” Cena plays Wyatt, the right-hand man to Henry Cavill’s fictional spy. At the premiere, Cena said the action comedy’s many twists and turns caught even him by surprise.

“The movie was way different than the script I got — so many more twists and turns in the movie,” Cena said. “By telling you, I’d give a lot away. The movie was so much more suspenseful than the script.”

“Argylle” centers around Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard), an introverted spy novelist who comes to find out that her books are predicting real-life events in the world of espionage. Soon, she is dragged into the action by an undercover spy named Aiden (Sam Rockwell), taking her beloved cat Alfie along for the ride. The film is based on a book said to be penned by the real-life Conway, though her identity has not been revealed. Some have even postulated that Taylor Swift wrote the novel, though Vaughn has since shut down that rumor.

“There’s been a lot of rumors about who Elly Conway really is,” Cena said. “I don’t know, but I think it’s wonderful that a movie based on espionage with the tag line ‘the greater the spy the bigger the lie’ has espionage and misdirection on the way to the release.”

“Argylle” releases in theaters on Feb. 2.

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