John Humphrys defends Naga Munchetty

Former Today host John Humphrys has criticised the BBC's "muddled" handling of the Naga Munchetty race row.

When asked about the matter during an interview on Good Morning Britain, Humphrys – said: "I think muddle is exactly the right word."

Sticking up for the BBC Breakfast presenter, he said: "If Naga wants to say, as a woman of colour, 'This has happened to me, this is my experience', she is absolutely entitled to say that. She is not offering an opinion. She is stating a fact.

"She was invited to offer a few thoughts and I suppose if we were all utterly... above reproach in every respect, and she was wearing a little halo, she [might have] said, 'I don't think that I can entertain that thought because this isn't for presenters to do'. But you know, come on, she's human. It would have been dull, it would have been slightly silly.

"I don't think she did anything terribly wrong."

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