John Hunt's family made 'final attempt to save themselves' after 'crossbow attack'

Hannah, Louise, and Carol Hunt all tragically died
-Credit: (Image: Facebook)

John Hunt's wife and daughters made a desperate attempt to save themselves after they were allegedly attacked with a crossbow. Carol, 61, Hannah, 28, and Louise Hunt, 25, were allegedly murdered at their family home in Bushey, Hertfordshire, on Tuesday night.

Police alleged it was a "targeted" attack that left the trio fatally injured. It is understood BBC 5Live racing commentator John Hunt returned home to find his loved ones critically hurt.

Emergency services were scrambled to the home but, tragically, all three women died from their injuries. Kyle Clifford, 26, was tracked down near a cemetery in north London on Wednesday night following a huge manhunt.

Kyle Clifford
Kyle Clifford -Credit:Hertfordshire Police/PA Wire

Clifford, who police warned may have been carrying a crossbow, has been detained at a major trauma centre after being found with injuries. It is understood he had been romantically linked with Louise but the pair had recently split.

Carol, Hannah and Louise were all still alive when police and emergency services - including two air ambulances - rushed to their Ashlyn Close home before 7pm on July 9. It's believed the trio desperately attempted to get help in their final moments.

The Guardian reports that one of the women called 999 and alerted officers to the attack before the perpetrator fled the scene. It has also been reported that one of the women messaged their partner, urging them to call cops, according to the Mirror.

BBC 5 Live commentator John Hunt and his wife Carol
BBC Racing Commentator John Hunt wife Carol Hunt -Credit:Facebook

Police have confirmed that they believe the suspect was known to the family, and that nobody else is being sought in connection with the ongoing investigation.

It comes after a neighbour of the family, Glyn Nicholas, 77, said that dog groomer Louise had been left so "upset" by a recent break-up that she ended up crashing her car one week before her tragic death.

In a haunting final tweet, Louise reposted a message expressing admiration for 'women who leave'. The tweet read: "I admire women who leave. Idgaf if you left after the 1st time or the 12th time I admire that s**t! idgaf if ppl was calling you dümb for 11 years but in the 12th year you decided you was done. It takes ALOT of strength to break a tie. it takes ALOT of self love to choose yo self."

All three women died shortly after emergency services arrived at the scene. It's believed John had been working for the BBC racing that day before the horror unfolded.

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