John Lennon's sassy letter to the Queen has been discovered

Beatles legend John Lennon was never exactly one to mince his words, and it has now been discovered that absolutely nobody was safe from the star’s sass - not even royalty.

A letter that Lennon reportedly wrote to the Queen back in 1969 has been discovered inside a record sleeve, with the singer explaining his reasons for returning his MBE to Her Majesty.

The entire band received the accolade back in 1965, but Lennon opted to return his in protest of the British involvement in the Nigerian Civil War and the UK’s support of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

Writing to the Queen, Lennon wrote: “Your Majesty, I am returning this MBE in protest against Britain’s involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam and against Cold Turkey slipping down the charts.

"With love, John Lennon of Bag.”

‘Cold Turkey’ is a song that Lennon wrote in 1969 for the Plastic Ono Band.

The anonymous owner of the letter claims that they found it inside the sleeve of a record that they bought for just £10 at a car boot sale 20 years ago, they then took it to The Beatles Story exhibition in Liverpool on Wednesday and it is estimated to be worth a whopping £60,000.

Music memorabilia expert, Darren Julien, told the BBC that he reckons the letter is actually just Lennon’s draft of the one sent as the ink is smudged.

He explained: “If you’re writing to the Queen, you want the letter to look pretty perfect, you don’t want the ink to be smudged. This suggests that he wrote a second version of the letter, which was the one that was actually sent.”

Still, we wouldn’t put it past Lennon to send a smudged letter to royalty…

The letter can be seen in all its glory at The Beatles Story exhibition.