John McGlynn reveals classy Celtic phone call from Brendan Rodgers to congratulate him on Falkirk title win

John McGlynn celebrates Falkirk's Invincible season -Credit:SNS Group
John McGlynn celebrates Falkirk's Invincible season -Credit:SNS Group

John McGlynn walked into a Stadium of Fright at Falkirk – but is now in dreamland after joining Brendan Rodgers in the band of Invincible immortals.

The Bairns boss crowned a sensational unbeaten League One season with the PFA Scotland Manager of the Year award at the weekend. And McGlynn admitted he took a huge gamble in signing up for Falkirk as the place was a managerial graveyard in recent years. The former Hearts and Raith gaffer brought the club back to life though and reckons he can rest easy after securing the side’s spot in history.

McGlynn said: “Brendan’s not been on yet but he did get in touch when we won the league and he was very complimentary. I’m led to believe there’s only three other managers (in the modern era, Rodgers and Gers pair Steven Gerrard and Ally McCoist) so it’s a nice club to be in. They can put me six feet under now! I’ve done what I was here to do!

“It’s nice to be part of history and that’s what we’ve preached to the boys. It will never be forgotten. In 30 years, when I am six feet under, they’ll be having reunions and celebrations. Falkirk will be using the anniversaries to raise some money! We’re just delighted it will be remembered for ever and we’ll be immortal.”

McGynn toasted a remarkable season but it was a different story when he arrived after going close to taking Raith to the Premiership.

He said: “The potential of the club is huge. Absolutely huge. But it was a huge gamble to go there. You think, if you can get this right, what a club. They were in a bad way, they finished sixth in the league before we went there.

McGlynn went head to head with Rodgers as Hearts boss in 2012 -Credit:Daily Record
McGlynn went head to head with Rodgers as Hearts boss in 2012 -Credit:Daily Record

“They couldn’t win two games in a row, never mind win a league. When I went to watch there the fans weren’t very patient. It could be like the Stadium of Fright. The players got nervous, they didn’t want the ball, they hide and when that happens you’ve no chance.

“So you have to come in with a new broom and try to eliminate the negativity, be positive and try to get the thing going and players in. Falkirk is a sleeping giant and even this season we had the 12th highest attendance of all the leagues while being in the third tier. We’re one of the top 12 clubs but you have to do your talking on the pitch.”

McGlynn is already plotting for the Championship next term but he’s hoping the top flight don’t pull up the ladder on clubs with a vote to be taken on banning plastic pitches in the Premiership.

Falkirk have spent fortunes on a new synthetic surface. McGlynn added: “It would cost in excess of £1million. It’s probably impossible. Teams like Raith or Hamilton might not get up if they don’t put a grass pitch down. Or what happens if they go up this season and they change the rule once they’re in the Premiership. Do they get expelled? I don’t know.

“I’m not going to look too far ahead. I’m just looking to the first match in August. But we’re fortunate we have a good one, especially when you consider some grass surfaces this season. We’re trying to put the case forward.”