Johnny Marr stopped drinking after kind Noel Gallagher gesture

Johnny Marr's kindness has cost him credit:Bang Showbiz
Johnny Marr's kindness has cost him credit:Bang Showbiz

Johnny Marr admits he "quit" booze after he happily agreed to replace a smashed-up guitar he kindly gave Noel Gallagher.

The Smiths rocker gifted the Gibson Les Paul Custom to the Oasis star before the Britpop group blew up in the mid-90s as he struggled to afford his own instruments, and he famously used it to defend his brother, frontman Liam Gallagher, when a stage invader tried to attack him at a gig in Newcastle.

Generous Johnny had also given Suede's Bernard Butler another Gibson guitar.

He told The Guardian: “It’s just to be nice. As simple as that. Bernard is a good friend and I knew he’d love that guitar. And me giving Noel those guitars has become such a big story over the years, but people don’t realise that at the time he wasn’t who he is now.

“He was just a kid from Burnage. I had no idea Oasis were going to go on to such big things. I did it because he was in need, because I was lucky and had lots of guitars, and because I wished someone had done it for me.”

However, he has admitted he was far too kind when he agreed to give Noel a replacement whilst hungover and it was from then on, he decided to ditch alcohol.

Johnny - who often gets mistaken for Noel - added: “I must confess it’s why I quit drinking. I wasn’t drunk, but the chances are I was very hungover when I agreed to that.”

The pair have remained close pals and have worked together over the years.

Johnny continues to give back and teamed up with the Salford Foundation Trust to offer under 25s the chance to receive financial support to boost their music career last year.

The Mancunian said: "It's a privilege to make a contribution to the creative development of young people. The Salford Foundation Trust is a great example of positive local action that makes a difference. It's an honour to be involved."