Jon Bon Jovi Says He Had ‘100 Girls In My Life’ Despite Being Married Since 1989

Yesh, Jon Bon Jovimay be living on a prayer after these remarks. 

The Bon Jovi frontman took a walk down memory lane during an interview with Michael Strahan during ABC’s “Halfway There” special Monday.

During the interview, the two spoke about Bon Jovi’s marriage to wife Dorothea Hurley, whom the rock star began dating in high school and married in 1989.  

When Strahan asked Bon Jovi about getting married so  “young” and how stressful it must have been as a “sex symbol,” the “It’s My Life” singer admitted: “I got away with murder.”

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley attend the Rockers '85 awards ceremony.
Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley attend the Rockers '85 awards ceremony. Vinnie Zuffante via Getty Images

“I’m a rock ‘n’ roll star. I’m not a saint,” he said a bit jokingly. “I’m not saying that there weren’t 100 girls in my life. I’m Jon Bon Jovi. It was pretty good!”

Although it’s unclear when these women were in Bon Jovi’s life, he also made it clear that he never did anything that would “jeopardize” his relationship with Hurley.

“But if you think I was ever going to jeopardize … anything for believing the narcissist in me was real? What a stupid thing to do. What kind of excess does a man need that’s going to fuel that fire? It’s just not worth it.”

The “Always” singer’s remarks to Strahan follows a similar quote about Hurley and their marriage that Bon Jovi gave to the Independent last week.

Hurley and Bon Jovi in 2021.
Hurley and Bon Jovi in 2021. Theo Wargo via Getty Images

“These are all the wonderful clichés of rock stardom,” he told the outlet. “It’s about never lying about having been a saint, but not being a fool enough to f*** up the home life, either.” 

It should also be noted that Bon Jovi has been referring to himself as “no saint” for a long time, and what he means by that may not be as nefarious as it seems.

In 2007, he told Best Life magazine, via People:

“I’ve been in one of the biggest rock bands in the world for 25 years, and I’m not a saint, and I have not been a saint,” he said at the time. “I missed tons of birthdays and school plays. But it’s not like Dorothea came in halfway through the movie and didn’t know who she got.”

Bon Jovi and Hurley met in a New Jersey high school in 1980, per People. They briefly split in 1985 in which the rocker began a five-month relationship with actor Diane Lane. Soon after, Bon Jovi and Hurley rekindled the flame and tied the knot during a secret Las Vegas ceremony in 1989. In 1993, Bon Jovi released the single “Bed of Roses,” which is about the singer regretting his dalliances on the road.

Bon Jovi and Hurley, who just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary, share four children — Stephanie, 30; Jesse, 29; Jake, 21; and Romeo, 20.