Jon Hamm Calls Josh Hawley A Coward In Ad For His Opponent

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley has nothing on Don Draper.

Hawley’s Democratic challenger Lucas Kunce mocked the Republican’s fixation on “manliness” in a new ad featuring actor Jon Hamm, a Missouri native.

In the ad released Monday, the “Mad Men” lead questions Hawley’s convictions while negative headlines about the politician flash by.

“Manhood. You’d hope that means courage. Courage isn’t something you can give speeches or write a book about,” Hamm says, alluding to Hawley’s new book “Manhood.”

“It’s not sitting on the sidelines while others sacrifice, or denying help to those who did,” the actor says. “It isn’t putting people down or trying to control them or using your own power for profit or ambition.”

The ad also points to Hawley’s actions on Jan. 6, 2021, when he egged on pro-Trump rioters but ran when they invaded the Capitol.

“In Missouri, you can’t fake courage,” Hamm says. “We’re the Show Me state. Courage is something you have to show us.”

Hamm finishes with one more dig at the conservative author, saying, “If you want to be told about manhood, some guy wrote a book about it. But if you want someone to show you courage, send Lucas Kunce to the Senate.”

Hawley has made defending masculinity part of his mission since getting elected in 2018.

While promoting his book on Fox News last week, he told Mark Levin, “We need [men] to go out there and work. We need them to start a family. We need them to provide. If you want to change America for the better, get men to be strong again, to take on their responsibilities and to be leaders.”

Kunce, a Marine veteran who lost in a previous Democratic Senate primary, told HuffPost earlier this year that he thinks Hawley can be defeated in part because of his fixation on gender roles.

“He’s just done creepy things, like write books telling everybody how to be a man, and if you don’t do what he says then you’re not a man. So we’re going to hold him to task for all of that,” Kunce said. “He’s obsessed with what everybody else is doing in their bedroom, at work, on the internet, in the doctor’s office.”

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