Jonnie Irwin 'exhausted' after making most of inset day with his son

The former A Place In The Sun presenter felt worn out after making father son memories with his eldest child.

Jonnie Irwin at the TRIC Awards in June 2023. (Zak/Landmark Media/Alamy)
Jonnie Irwin has tried salt therapy to help fight off a chest infection. (Alamy)

Jonnie Irwin has admitted to being "exhausted" after spending a day making memories with his eldest son.

The former A Place In The Sun presenter, who announced in November 2022 he has terminal lung cancer, revealed four-and-a-half-year-old son Rex had an inset day from school and they had spend a day out in Newcastle.

Irwin posted a picture of Rex sitting on a city monument on Instagram captioned: "This is not a naughty step just a very cute boy. I bloody love an inset day. Exhausted now though. #fatherandson"

The TV presenter – who turns 50 later this month – also revealed he had enjoyed a night watching The Streets perform live at the weekend.

Sharing video from the gig he admitted: "Probs should be resting... but F it right?!

"So glad I went especially as he played all the classics. Pretty whacked today but worth it."

Father son bonding

The Escape To The Country star, who is also father to three-year-old twins Rafa and Cormac with wife Jess, shared his pride on Rex's first day at primary school in September.

He said "I’m so proud of him I could burst."

And he recently revealed his family's 'special place' for spending quality time together on a Sunday afternoon.

Jonnie Irwin at the TRIC Awards in London.
Jonnie Irwin revealed the 'special place' he spends time with his family. (Getty Images)

Irwin also told how he had pushed through his chest infection to enjoy an outing to pick pumpkins with his family.

And the TV presenter said he was experiencing "proper dad vibes" after taking his children swimming.

Since announcing his diagnosis he has updated fans about how he is making the most of time with his family.

Irwin took his kids to a monster truck show and enjoyed a dinosaur sleepover with them.

They have enjoyed a family day out to a wildlife park in Yorkshire, a staycation at the beach in Northumberland, and a relaxing stay at a four star hotel in Worcestershire.

Jonnie Irwin's cancer battle

Jonnie Irwin on A Place In The Sun before his illness. (Channel 4)
Jonnie Irwin kept his cancer diagnosis a secret at first from his bosses at A Place In The Sun. (Channel 4)

Initially Irwin kept his cancer diagnosis a secret for two years.

When he revealed he had terminal cancer to producers of the Channel 4 holiday property show, he was dropped because he was told they were unable to insure him to work.

He said he felt "thrown on the scrap heap".

Irwin was given six months by doctors to live back in 2020 and continues to update fans with photos and videos of himself making the most of time with his family, along with treatments he is experimenting with to maintain his quality of life.

The TV presenter has revealed he was trying salt therapy and has had a pop-up oxygen chamber installed in his home.

Previously, he has spoken about adopting a special diet in a bid to "starve" his tumours and slow their growth - as advised by cancer survivor Jane Mclelland, author of a book called How To Starve Cancer.

Escape To The Country stars Nicki Chapman, Jonnie Irwin, Jules Hudson and Sonali Shah enjoyed the TRIC Awards as a 'family'. (Getty Images)
Escape To The Country stars Nicki Chapman, Jonnie Irwin, Jules Hudson and Sonali Shah enjoyed the TRIC Awards as a 'family'. (Getty Images)

The TV presenter has palliative care for his incurable cancer which has spread to his brain.

Chemotherapy and cancer drugs have helped extend the initial prognosis and the TV presenter is determined to make the most of any time he has left with his family.

Irwin attended the TRIC Awards in June and said: "I wanted to show that because you have cancer it doesn't mean you are a different person.

“You can still work. Look at me now. I don't think the doctors were expecting me to make 2023 but here I am and I'm available at work."

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