Jonnie Irwin's wife reveals 'heartbreaking' question from son after dad's death

The late Jonnie Irwin
The late Jonnie Irwin -Credit:BBC

Jonnie Irwin's wife has spoken about how she and her family have dealt with the death of a loving husband and father in the months since his passing. It was announced back in February that former A Place in the Sun presenter Jonnie had died at the age of 50, following a three and a half year battle with terminal cancer.

Jonnie was initially only given six months to live when he was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer back in August 2020, but would fight against the devastating diagnosis while making precious memories with family and friends. Now, his wife Jess Irwin - who lives near Newcastle - has spoke about navigating her husband's passing and raising the couple's three young sons in Rex, Rafa and Cormac alone.

Speaking in a recent interview with Hello! magazine, Jess noted how Jonnie is 'present' in 'so many' of the family conversations. She said: "Rex will say 'would Daddy like to watch this?' or 'was this Daddy's favourite chocolate?' He wants to include him, whereas with the twins, it's more 'I want Daddy to come back,' and I say 'yes, I do, too."

The Mirror reports that Jess added how Cormac recently asked: "Can the spaceman not find him?" explaining how the question 'broke [her] heart', before detailing another interaction with Rex. She said that her son has a pair of wrap around sunglasses, and that after pointing to the screws on them he said that if he presses a certain 'button' that she would be able to 'see up in the sky'.

Jess also shared that her son added that another 'button' would let her 'speak to daddy'. During the interview, Jess also spoke about the last few days of Jonnie's life, telling the outlet that she wonders if her husband knew he was in his final moments.

She added: "That's what makes me really, really, really sad, when I think what must have been going through his mind." Jess also explained how Jonnie told her he was 'so happy' to have met her and that they had 'so much fun together'. She also noted how Jonnie told her he knew the kids would have 'the most joy and fun' in their lives.

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