Josh Brolin teases upcoming 'unconventional memoir'

Josh Brolin has revealed his upcoming "unconventional memoir" is "very mother-heavy".

During an appearance on the SmartLess podcast on Monday, the Dune: Part Two actor revealed his mother Jane Cameron Agee, who died the day after his 27th birthday in 1995, is one of the main focal points of his autobiography.

"We just wrote a book that's gonna be out on November 19th," he shared. "I didn't really know what the book was and it's kind of an unconventional memoir but it's very mother-heavy."

When encouraged to "plug" the book by co-hosts Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, he replied, "I can't plug it because I'm not allowed to but it is coming out in November (with) HarperCollins."

On the publishing house's website, the book is titled From Under the Truck.

Elsewhere in the interview, Brolin gave an insight into his late mother.

"My mum was in the business as an assistant casting director but that was it," he shared. "Primarily, she ran a wildlife waystation and took wild animals away from people who had illegally taken them out of the wild and had been jailed. My mother was a 5'3" Texan, blonde, tornado."

The Goonies star, whose father is actor James Brolin, told GQ last week that writing the memoir was therapeutic, humbling and the hardest he's ever worked on a project.

"It's f**king hard, man. But I like it. I want to do s**t that f**king hurts - you feel like you've earned something," he said. "It's definitely naked. It's definitely f**king raw. It's hugely Oedipal. My mother is all over this f**king book."

In a recent profile for The New York Times Style Magazine, Brolin described the book as a mix of stories, anecdotes and poems.