Josh Charles says he didn’t even tell his kids about his Taylor Swift music video cameo

Actor Josh Charles had one job: To keep a big secret about the world’s biggest pop star from his kids.

The “Dead Poets Society” actor did just that when it came to his surprise cameo in the music video for Taylor Swift and Post Malone’s new collaboration “Fortnight,” the lead single from Swift’s new double album “The Tortured Poets Department.”

“I don’t like keeping secrets so that was hard,” Charles wrote on his Instagram page on Saturday. “I didn’t even tell my kids until the other day!”

The post included a current photo of Charles with his “Dead Poets” co-star Ethan Hawke, who also appeared in the music video, and a second throwback photo of the two actors.

“Been through a lot with this dude over the years, but safe to say this was a most memorable day,” he wrote. “What I’ll remember most was the laughter. There was a lot of it. Like we were 17 all over again.”

In the music video, Hawke and Charles appear as researchers examining Swift, who is seen strapped to a gurney with an electrical contraption attached to her head.

Hawke wrote on his Instagram page on Saturday that it was “quite an honor” to be involved in the music video.

The “Dead Poets”-”Tortured Poets” crossover seemed to be a nod to the similarities of the album and movie’s titles. The late Robin Williams starred alongside Hawke and Charles in the 1989 classic.

Swift released “The Tortured Poets Department,” a 31-track surprise double album on Friday. It has already made history by becoming the first album ever to be streamed over 300 million times in a single day on Spotify, according to the music streamer.

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