Josie Gibson's six stone weight loss after making one vital change to her diet

Josie waited until Reggie was three months before transforming her life
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This Morning's Josie Gibson has revealed the secret to her impressive six stone weight loss - a single, crucial change in her diet. Since welcoming her son Reggie-James into the world in September 2018, she has managed to maintain a healthy weight range, all thanks to one significant dietary adjustment.

The beloved TV personality from Bristol first shared her weight loss journey back in 2019, revealing how she dropped from a size 18 to a 12 in just nine weeks back in 2013. Josie's transformation left fans astounded as she shed an incredible six stone within a year.

The catalyst for her weight loss was a holiday snap that left her shocked at her own appearance, inspiring her to slim down from 16st 7lb and a size 18 to a svelte 10st 2lb. Josie's weight loss strategy involved meticulous planning, including rigorous workout routines and a strict diet. She eliminated all sugar (except for natural sugars found in fruit) from her meals after realising she'd been hooked on the sweet stuff for two decades, reports the Mirror.

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A photo of Raquel Welch on her fridge was the fitness inspiration for Josie, as reported by OK! The star, who was recently seen holding hands with Stephen Mulhern on April 13, has never shied away from sharing her personal victories.

She took to social media to celebrate her progress, exclaiming: "Bye bye back fat! ! ! Sorry you have to see this! " and then joyfully noting: "I'm so nearly there, I have my waist back and it feels amazing. I only want to be a size 12! ! I haven't put a lot of pressure on myself and I have not exercised like I used to but it's coming off."

Just two weeks after debuting her impressive new look, Josie offered up a treasure trove of tips and encouragement for new mothers aiming to lose their baby weight through a series of Instagram videos. The Mirror delves into her journey to becoming one of the nation's most cherished TV presenters....

When it comes to cheat meals, moderation is everything

Josie adhered to a plan known as The Unthinkable, which allows for a full day each week to indulge in whatever you desire. However, she believes in keeping things balanced.

"So I did the six-day plan on Do The Unthinkable, which entitled me to one day off. Now on that one day off, I had one cheat meal - I didn't go crazy and drink 10 bottles of wine and binge all day on food and chocolate and all the naughty things I haven't been having, I just had my one cheat and that was it," she advised her followers. "So if you've got that one day off, don't undo all your hard work. Just have your one cheat meal and enjoy it. Don't have a day binge."

Do 30 minutes of exercise every single day

The 39-year-old highlighted the importance of sticking to a daily exercise regime, even on days when motivation is low. "Make time for that workout, and I need to take my own bloody advice, actually," she admitted to her audience.

"The hardest thing about a workout is thinking about doing it. Most of the time when I've just cracked on with it, I didn't have time to think about it and talk myself out of it. Plus, when I finish a workout I've felt so proud of myself and so happy with myself. I love that strong feeling that you get when you're getting fit and healthy again. So make time for that half an hour a day, you won't regret it," she recommended.

Intermittent fasting

For those aiming to shed some pounds, Josie's insights on intermittent fasting might be the key. She attributes her significant weight loss to eating within an eight-hour window, which not only aids in reducing calorie intake but also potentially minimises bloating by ensuring a longer gap between the last meal of the day and bedtime.

"The way you eat your meals is very important. I eat my meals within an eight-hour period. So I'd wake up in the morning and have my breakfast about 8 or 9am, then I'd have my lunch at midday, 1pm, and then I'd have my tea at 4pm, so it was all digested in an eight-hour period, which gives me 16 hours then to metabolise and digest my food properly," Josie divulged.

Be realistic with your goals

When discussing the approach to significant weight loss, Josie Gibson shared her strategy for staying motivated without feeling daunted. "I started over 16 stone and I broke it down to 6lb segments, so every time I lost 6lb I got a treat," she said.

"I got two pairs of trainers, I'm going on a spa day with my friends, and it just makes you look forward to that 6lb weight-loss. You can do it every 7lb, but 6lb you get more treats," she chuckled. "So break it down into small segments and really reward yourself - and believe it or not, weight loss can actually be quite good fun."

Josie also emphasised the importance of self-compassion, especially for new mothers dealing with postpartum body changes. "My number one tip would be to not put any stress on yourself," she advised.

"I've had a lot of questions from new mummies and I know with childbirth comes a lot of weight gain, but don't put pressure on yourself. You've just brought a life into the world, your body needs to recover from childbirth. You are probably sleep-deprived, your sleep is when you recover. Do it when you're good and ready. I waited until Reggie was three months old and I'd just put him on to the bottle as well."