‘Our Journey Did Not Start In A Great Place’: After Charles Barkley Announced His Retirement, Former Rival Draymond Green Weighed In

 Draymond Green speaks with the Inside the NBA crew, and Charles Barkley shares a thought on Inside.
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Fans are still waiting to hear a definitive answer when it comes to the fate of TNT’s Inside the NBA amid business negotiations between the league and entertainment entities. As it stands, it would appear that Warner Bros. Discovery (the cable network’s parent company) will lose the broadcast rights to the professional basketball league after next season. That news alone is shocking enough, but co-host Charles Barkley delivered some major news about a week ago. Barkley revealed he’s planning to retire from broadcasting this time next year regardless of what happens with the long-running talk show. Now, some players and pundits are weighing in, and one of the people to share thoughts is Draymond Green – who shared a bit of a rivalry with Barkley.

The Golden State Warriors power forward has had a “complex” relationship with Charles Barkley over the years, to say the least. He broke it down during the latest installment of his podcast, The Draymond Green Show (which is shared on YouTube). While reacting to the former NBA MVP’s retirement announcement, Green looked back on the interactions that he and Barkley have had over the years. And he didn’t shy away from discussing the somewhat tense moments they’ve shared:

You all know where our journey started. Our journey did not start in a great place. Chuck used to sit on TV and say he was gonna punch me in my face. He called me ‘Mr. Triple Single.’ He’s had his fair share of jabs, and I’ve had my fair share of jabs as well. Nonetheless, I absolutely love that brother, and he is incredible. He is amazing. And, if he retires, what a sad day for NBA basketball. I mean, we’ve all grown accustomed to hearing that voice – for the last 27 years – talk NBA basketball.

Longtime Inside the NBA viewers or general basketball fans are sure to be familiar with moments like the ones the four-time NBA champion mentioned. As rocky as their relationship was, it would seem that they’re on better footing these days. Draymond Green has also seen the game from Sir Charles’ perspective, as he recently served as a co-host on Inside at the end of this past season. He seems to have a lot of respect for the former Phoenix Sun and will surely miss seeing him on air when he retires. However, as Green went on to say, he’s not entirely convinced the fan-favorite pundit is really going to hang it up after next year:

I just think Chuck’s being very emotional. I don’t think Chuck’s about to retire. I think Chuck’s in a very emotional state right now, and he’s processing those emotions. … As great as he is, at times, we all can get a little bit in our feelings and get those [thoughts] twisted and not quite process them in a way we thought that we would process them. And that is quite frankly what I think Chuck is going through right now. I don’t think Chuck is retiring. I hope Chuck don’t retire.

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The all-star player likely believes that the “feelings” he’s referring to have to do with the uncertainty surrounding the TV show he’s co-anchored for decades now. We can’t say for sure if the announcement was just a symptom of Charles Barkley feeling a way about everything that’s been going on with the program as of late. However, Barkley has said a lot about what’s been going down, and he hasn’t been happy. He got honest about how Inside the NBA’s cancellation would “suck” for his co-workers who don’t make the kind of money that he does. Fans have also been unhappy, as they’ve taken to social media to “save this show.” And, in addition to sharing passionate words, they’ve also shared funny moments involving Barkley and Shaq.

Despite Draymond Green’s sentiments, Charles Barkley did sound serious when confirming his retirement while covering the Finals on NBA TV. It would indeed be bittersweet if he does go through with his plan and retirement at the end of 2024-2025 TV season. (Even though the obvious silver lining is that his final run on Inside would surely be one for the books.) Regardless of whether or not Barkley truly does call it a day, it’s cool to see people giving him his flowers, especially when they come from a former verbal sparring partner of his like the vivacious Green.