Judge Rinder "depressed" by Tameka's early exit

The fallout from EastEnders star Tameka Empson’s early exit from Strictly Come Dancing just keeps on coming.

Judge Rinder

Poor old Judge Rinder says the whole sorry affair has left him “genuinely depressed.” Poor lamb.

“I thought when I used to watch the programme that the way everyone got on was completely rubbish – that it was like North Korean propaganda videos,” he told Digital Spy.

Hmmm… Kim Jong Un to replace Len Goodman? Now there’s an idea…

“But we all really got on genuinely. And Tameka she was funny, talented and brought such joy to that community and now she’s gone it’s genuinely depressing. I haven’t heard any of her comments, being on the show is like living in a cave.”


Meanwhile Tameka herself shared the gavel-wielding celebrity’s disappointment on last nights episode of Strictly spin-off show It Takes Two, telling presenters she feels she still had a lot to offer the show.

“[My elimination] was very emotional. I didn’t realise it was going to be this emotional. It feels too soon. I’ve got a lot more to give!

“Not to be big-headed, but I really thought I put all the right moves in. I did a lot of footwork – just really being in that character. I had a bit of pain in my back, but at the end of the day, I just used that pain to really drive through.”

Judge Rinder

Meanwhile, BBC spokesperson has blasted some viewers’ claims Tameka’s exit was racially charged, citing the ballroom show’s long history of mixed race winners and runners up.

Three mixed-race contestants – Alesha Dixon, Mark Ramprakash and Louis Smith – have won the show, and Colin Jackson, Denise Lewis and Simon Webbe are among six black or mixed-race contestants to have lost out in the final.