Judi Love breaks silence on Lorraine Kelly 'snub' at BAFTA TV Awards

Loose Women's Judi Love has finally addressed the alleged 'snub' towards Lorraine Kelly at the BAFTA TV Awards, which sparked a flurry of chatter nationwide. The 43 year old panellist was seen on camera with a less than pleased look as 64 year old Lorraine received applause while accepting a special award at the glitzy event.

Judi took to Instagram to share the clip and humorously commented: "After last night incident and now this morning becoming international news! I'd like to make an official statement.. Swipe left! @lorraine @lorrainekellysmith." In a light-hearted video filmed at ITV studios, Judi is seen giving Lorraine a sideways glance as they stand back-to-back, before both burst into laughter, indicating there's no animosity between them.

Lorraine took to the stage on Sunday evening to accept her award, marking an impressive four decades in television, presented by none other than Succession's Brian Cox. As she wrapped up her speech, Lorraine cheerfully announced: "I'm on the telly tomorrow, but I'm going to celebrate tonight. Thank you so much! " The broadcast then switched to Ant and Dec, who were clapping enthusiastically, followed by Anne Reid, who offered polite applause, according to the Mirror, reports the Express.

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As the camera focused on Judi, her lack of enthusiasm was evident to all viewers. She appeared to abstain from applauding and her eye roll triggered a wave of humorous comments from those watching at home.

Following her online post this morning, Judi received an outpouring of support. One amused fan exclaimed: "Bombastic BAFTA side eye! ", while another encouraged: "I love it! Don't change one bit Judi! ".

Mnek also joined in, expressing his amusement at the incident.

An emotional Lorraine took to the stage last night to accept her award, thanking everyone she had collaborated with over the past four decades. She expressed: "It is such an honour, I would really like to thank everybody I have worked with in the last 40 years. I am proud to work on breakfast and daytime telly, we are campaigning but we also have fun."

She further revealed how viewers see her as a friend and appealed to industry leaders not to make it more difficult for working class children to enter the industry. She stated, "Viewers think of me as a pal and that is incredible. I would just say don't pull up the ladder, please make it possible for kids like me from a working class background, we've had amazing opportunities and I want others to have them."

Additionally, she expressed her heartfelt thanks to her parents for their influence on her work ethic and made a promise to celebrate that evening despite having an early commitment the next day. "Thanks to my mum and dad for their work ethic. This means the world thank you so much. I am on the telly tomorrow but I am going to celebrate tonight."

Lorraine also shared her excitement about the upcoming addition to her family, as her daughter Rosie is expecting a baby.

Earlier in March, Lorraine Kelly was taken aback live on air when she found out she was to receive a significant accolade in recognition of her long-standing career in broadcasting. Susanna Reid broke the news during the show, stating: "Good morning Lorraine, this has come as an enormous surprise... I have a very special announcement for you, Lorraine Kelly. It doesn't get much bigger or more deserved than this."

"I'm here for a special reason this morning, because BAFTA will be celebrating your 40 years in broadcasting."

Susanna then revealed that not only was Lorraine's programme up for nomination, but there was also a unique honour in store for her.

Continuing with the revelation, Susanna announced: "This is the first time something like this has been announced on air. On behalf of the BAFTA board of trustees, we are delighted to offer you Lorraine Kelly the Academy Special award to be presented at this year's BAFTA Television Awards."

Caught off guard, Lorraine was visibly moved and managed to say: "That is nuts, that's nuts."

Her surprise led her to question if it was a prank, asking: "Where are Ant and Dec? It can't be a prank because it's Susanna! ".

As Susanna carried on with her tribute to Lorraine's impressive forty-year career in the television industry, an overwhelmed Lorraine responded with: "Thank you. I'm in shock. This is crazy," fully sure it wasn't a hoax given that Susanna delivered the news.