Juggler Lands Cool Long Shot While Riding Unicycle and Spinning Burger on Umbrella

A Hollywood-based juggler who specializes in weird and wonderful tricks kept his balance on a unicycle as he expertly made a backwards basket with a Nicolas Cage-themed cushion, while also spinning a burger on an umbrella.

Michael Rayner, who has featured on America’s Got Talent, and a number of TV shows, shared video of the feat to his @broken_juggler account, where he regularly documents his bizarre but brilliant tricks.

This particular performance, posted to TikTok on April 19, shows Rayner nailing the trick with ease.

“I wanted to see if I could make the long shot while on a unicycle and spinning a burger. The force to throw it can knock me off the unicycle,” Rayner told Storyful.

“I managed to work out the skill and do the trick,” he said. Credit: Michael Rayner via Storyful

Video transcript