Juggler Makes No-Look 'Nic Cage' Basketball Shot While Balancing Foam Burger on Spinning Parasol

A Hollywood-based juggler who specializes in offbeat approaches to his craft utilized a foam burger, a parasol, and a cushion emblazoned with Nicolas Cage’s face for an eye-catching display in a video posted to Instagram on March 12.

Michael Rayner, who has been featured on a number of TV shows, including America’s Got Talent, shared the video to his Instagram account @brokenjuggler.

Rayner regularly shares videos of his bizarre but brilliant tricks, with his Cage cushion often taking center-stage.

Rayner’s dog, however, appeared to be less than enthused by the tricks as he tottered by.

Rayner told Storyful that this epic basket shot was “three feet longer,” than his previous best attempt at the trick. Credit: Michael Rayner via Storyful