Julia Bradbury says she’s ‘gone backwards’ after ‘brutal’ mastectomy

Julia Bradbury says she is feeling unwell. (BBC)
Julia Bradbury says she is feeling unwell. (BBC)

Julia Bradbury has shared that she has 'gone backwards' in her recovery from her recent mastectomy.

The Countryfile presenter was diagnosed with breast cancer in September after a tumour was picked up at a follow-up appointment for a benign cyst and has been undergoing treatment, including October's operation.

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But in a video that she shared with fans on Instagram to encourage people to spend more time outdoors, she said that she was feeling unwell and felt she had "gone backwards".

The TV presenter is recovering from a mastectomy. (Getty Images)
The TV presenter is recovering from a mastectomy. (Getty Images)

In the video which shows her feet in wellies walking through muddy grass, Bradbury, 51, said: "Hi everybody. I'm back in my pyjamas today. I've sort of gone backwards this week.

"I've been feeling better and stronger every week since my op but this week I've got really fluey symptoms. I've done a covid test and that's come back negative. I'm really phlegmy and coughy and chesty.

"All I really want to do is stay in bed but I have forced myself just to come outside and just get just 20 minutes out here because I know it's going to be good and fill my lungs with some good air. And sometimes you just gotta push through a bit.

"Then I'm going to go back to bed. I hope you're having a good weekend and sending lots of love. Hope you're all getting your outdoor time."

Bradbury, who has three children, has previously told how she nearly missed the follow-up appointment that spotted the tumour as she had not suffered any symptoms, but was encouraged to go to it by her sister.

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Talking about her cancer diagnosis and mastectomy, she has said: "I have to hope I have caught mine early enough.

"A mastectomy is a shattering thing to go through but it means that I am going to live and be here for my children."

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