'Countryfile' star Julia Bradbury shares weight online after being skinny-shamed

Julia Bradbury was body-shamed over a bikini picture. (Ian West/PA Wire)
Julia Bradbury was body-shamed over a bikini picture. (Ian West/PA Wire)

Julia Bradbury has taken the step of sharing her weight to show she’s healthy after trolls claimed she looked too thin in a recent bikini picture.

The Countryfile star, 50, came in for criticism after posting a picture on Instagram showing her sunbathing, with several people saying she looked skinny and ill.

She later appeared on ITV’s Lorraine and dismissed some of the comments as “purely nasty”, and has now decided to share how much she weighs.

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“For those of you genuinely concerned: I'm 5ft 9 inches tall (1.75mtrs) & weigh 9 stone 6 lbs,” Bradbury wrote on Instagram alongside a snap of her in workout clothes.

“According to the NHS BMI indicator my BMI measurement is 19.5. The healthy weight range for my height is between 8st 13lb and 12st 1lb.

“So I'm a healthy weight and 'I should keep up the good work!' according to the website.”

“For those of you just trolling: How do you rate?” she added, sharing a link to a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator on the NHS website.

Bradbury has also penned a piece in The Guardian saying that skinny-shaming exists and that she was a victim of it.

“I don’t expect everyone to like me but the pleasure people derive from hate will always be lost on me,” she said.

Julia Bradbury attends the National Television Awards 2020 at The O2 Arena in London. (Photo by Keith Mayhew / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)
Julia Bradbury shared her weight on social media. (Keith Mayhew / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

“Bullying and hate is the same online as it is in person.

"It’s just easier when you’re anonymous, hiding behind a smartphone.

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"My only wish is that people would take responsibility for their words."

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