Julia Fox believes Kanye West 'was a blessing' for her career

Julia Fox believes her ex-boyfriend Kanye West "was a blessing" for her career.

"You know, it was actually a blessing that he came into my life," the actress told The New York Times' Popcast.

"He kind of shook up my team in a way where a lot of the creative control was then given back to me. Whereas I feel like for a couple of years there, I would still feel this pressure to pretend to be this Hollywood starlet that I, like, wasn't."

She added, "I'd get into fights (with my creative team) about it and be really upset about it, but then ultimately always concede and just do what they wanted me to do because it was easier than arguing. So then after that, (Ye) came in and was like, 'Wait a minute, no, f**k that, I'm gonna do what I wanna do. But then when he left, it was like, 'Well, I'm gonna do what I wanna do,' you know? I kind of felt like, 'Oh my god, the world is my oyster.' I'm my own muse."

The 34-year-old added that she has "fully wrestled back total control of (her) image" after dating the rapper.

The pair dated briefly in 2022 after he split with wife Kim Kardashian. After the relationship ended, Julia admitted she had seen "red flags" during their time together.

"I chose to turn a blind eye to because it was fun, and exciting, and shiny, and you know just new," she told the BBC.

"It felt like a relief in the beginning: 'oh finally someone else can take the reins', but I think you know it became unsustainable and that's why the relationship only lasted a month."

During the few weeks that they were dating, she admitted she battled with being taken seriously.

"I started to hear this whole thing. 'She's only killing it in fashion because it's Kanye.' And I was like, 'No, these are my looks, and I'm putting them together.' So, I felt like that was what I needed to push against, and prove that I'm doing this, and I wasn't doing it before because my team just wanted me to look basic," she stated.