Julia Fox explains why Kanye West romance left a 'sour taste' in her mouth

Julia Fox has explained why her romance with Kanye West left a "sour taste" in her mouth.

The OMG Fashun co-host has said that despite only dating the rapper for a month in 2022, she is still best known for being his girlfriend.

"That's why I have such a sour taste in my mouth about dating anyone in this sphere," Julia told InStyle in an interview published on Thursday. "Because I don't ever want to just be known as someone's girlfriend. I know I'm so much more than that."

She continued, "And I feel like that happens so much to women in this industry. They're only as good as their partner or they can make a whole career off being some guy's partner. But regardless, either way, it becomes their identity."

The Uncut Gems star explained that she wants to be known for her own work.

"I feel like I have to transcend that and I want to break that mould and I want to just stand on my own two feet and not need a man to back me. I did that for years," she told the publication.

Julia and the Flashing Lights rapper were first linked in January 2022, but a representative for the model confirmed they were no longer together a month later.

Elsewhere in the interview, the 34-year-old said that she has big plans for her career.

"I want to do everything," she declared. "I want to write more books, I want to write movies. I still want to act, I want to do my fashion stuff. I want to do more art. ...I'm never satisfied."

Julia's new show, OMG Fashun, with celebrity stylist Law Roach, will be released on 6 May.