Julia Fox reveals her 'self-esteem' issues

Julia Fox has always battled self-doubts credit:Bang Showbiz
Julia Fox has always battled self-doubts credit:Bang Showbiz

Julia Fox has always struggled with self-doubts.

The 34-year-old actress has enjoyed a meteoric rise in recent years, but Julia admits that she's struggled with her "self-esteem".

Speaking to Variety about her struggles, Julia shared: "I always had people telling me that I could do so much more and I didn’t have that same level of confidence.

"Like everyone around me was always like, ‘You could be a writer, you should write a book about your life, you could be a movie star,’ and I was just like, ‘You guys are crazy.’ Like I definitely did not have the self-esteem to even see that for myself."

Julia also confessed to being surprised by her own success.

The 'Uncut Gems' actress - who previously dated rap star Kanye West - said: "I guess always saw myself in the art world in some way, but I had a very myopic view of what the art world meant.

"I definitely did not picture it being on this very large scale with the world as a stage."

Meanwhile, Julia previously claimed that her day-to-day life is "so unglamorous".

The actress has attracted attention with some of her eye-catching outfits in recent years, but Julia insisted that her at-home clothes are actually much more casual than people might imagine.

Julia - who is set to star in a new reality fashion show called 'OMG Fashun!' - told 'Entertainment Tonight': "If people could see what I dress like in my day to day, it's literally like boxers, stained, dirty T-shirts, Adidas slides. It's not this.

"That's kind of why when I do get dressed up - I want to go all out because my real life is so unglamorous."