Julian Sands: 'Something has gone wrong,' says friend of missing British actor

A man who goes hiking with the missing British actor Julian Sands has said it is obvious "something has gone wrong".

Sands, 65, went missing in the Baldy Bowl area of the San Gabriel mountains in southern California on 13 January.

Efforts to find him have been hampered by bad weather, the authorities have said. Helicopters were grounded on Thursday because of strong winds.

Fellow actor Kevin Ryan said Sands had embarked on a "tricky, dangerous hike" but is the "most advanced hiker I know".

However, he added that each day brings "more pressure" and "a lot of doubt".

Ryan, who has climbed Mount Baldy a number of times, met Sands on the set of 2014 US drama series Crossbones.

They became friends and started walking together.

"Julian is such an advanced hiker," Ryan, 38, said. "It's what he did. His whole life he was climbing mountains. It was a true passion of his.

"He is beyond experienced and I'm hoping that he's tucked away somewhere and can pull through."

Ryan warned, however, that Mount Baldy is a "different mountain" in the winter, "especially with how heavy weather has hit that area - that's a whole new trail".

He went on: "But that is something that Julian would have seen as a challenge, to go up in those conditions. He likes to push himself and he's done that.

"And, like anything, that makes you better, to push yourself in life. But in this situation, it's a very tricky, dangerous hike with these weather conditions.

"And obviously something has gone wrong. Hopefully with time we'll find out and hopefully it'll be the best result."

Ryan added: "The only reason I'm not out there joining the search party is because I'm filming right now in Ireland, otherwise I would be out there to give my support."

Sands was born in Yorkshire and moved to Los Angeles in 2020.

His breakout role came as the free-spirited George in the period drama A Room With A View, in which he starred opposite Helena Bonham Carter.

More recently, in 2021 he played a chief medical officer in the Jack Lowden and Peter Capaldi-led drama Benediction.