Julie Andrews Tells Julia Louis-Dreyfus Why She Changed Her Name From Julia

Julie Andrews joined fellow icon Julia Louis-Dreyfus to discuss her career, health and why the two actresses are no longer name twins on the season finale of the “Wiser Than Me” podcast.

“[Julia] is actually my name, too. I was born and christened Julia and it was changed to Julie when my mother remarried Ted Andrews,” the Oscar-winning actress revealed. “Julia Andrews didn’t roll off the tongue as well as Julie, so they changed it.”

The pair sat down together to wrap up Season 2 of the “Veep” star’s podcast, produced by Lemonada Media. In Wednesday’s finale, Andrews joined Louis-Dreyfus to pass down some wisdom she has gained throughout her life in the spotlight.

Andrews, who is known for her iconic singing voice featured in films such as “Mary Poppins “and “The Sound of Music,” sustained a serious injury after a vocal cord surgery that resulted in permanent damage. She opened up about the emotional challenge of letting go of her voice and how she managed to move forward.

“It did lead to a year of waiting and depression and all those kinds of things, but it led to my finding a new life, which is the one with my daughter and writing,” Andrews said. “I can’t sing now though — that’s the thing — and I miss it very, very, very much.”

Andrews wrapped up the conversation on the topic of aging and how she continues to live a fulfilling life despite the added complications, saying, “Find what you love. Keep doing something, because women of my age can keep being useful.”

“Mostly, I say aging sucks, but it doesn’t really. And since there’s no alternative, why b–h so much about it?” she concluded. “[I] try to find out what I can still do and what I love to do and what gives me pleasure.”

Listen to the full episode in the embed, below.

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