Junior Doctors Have Been Pitched Against Pret Workers and Twitter Has Thoughts

An apology has since been issued.
An apology has since been issued.

An apology has since been issued.

Junior doctors are currently on strike demanding pay restoration due to the fact that they currently only earn £14.09 an hour as they work through insanely long shifts and absurd hours.

In contrast, it was recently announced that Pret A Manger workers will now be paid up to £14.10 an hour for their services at the popular chain.

Today (March 14), the British Medical Association (BMA), which is a trade union and professional body for doctors and medical students in the UK, took out a front page advertisement about it in The Guardian.

To sum it up, the advertisement said that due to the actions of the current government, a person can make more money making coffee than they can saving lives. It was made to show a comparison, but it had the total opposite effect. 

When asked for clarification regarding their statement and the fact that they singled out Pret, the BMA said they fully support the Pret workers getting higher pay, they just want the same treatment for doctors.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had thoughts.

While everyone has expressed solidarity with the doctors demanding pay increase, many people have voiced the fact that the BMA should not have attacked hospitality and service industry workers in order to get their point across.

Everyone deserves fair pay, whether it be someone who works at a coffee shop or someone who saves people’s lives. Pitting one entity against the other to get your point across helps no one in the long run.