Junior Taskmaster: What we know as Rose Matafeo and Mike Wozniak are named new hosts

Pictured: Greg & Alex
Greg Davies and Alex Horne in Taskmaster (Channel 4)

Aspiring young comedians better get their best game face on, because Taskmaster is launching a new junior series on Channel 4.

The flagship series has proven a critical success for the network and now the show will have its first junior-themed spin-off where five contestants tackle the ridiculous yet hilarious tasks that are asked of them by the Taskmaster and the Taskmaster’s Assistant.

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Channel 4 made an announcement about the forthcoming programme on Tuesday, 16 May, in which it shared details about what fans of the original series can expect from Junior Taskmaster.

Who will host Junior Taskmaster?

Taskmaster Series 11 Episode 1 04 (Channel 4)
Mike Wozniak in Taskmaster Series 11 (Channel 4)

Comedians Rose Matafeo and Mike Wozniak set to host the proceedings in the place of Greg Davies and Alex Horne, who are in charge of the main show.

Matafeo will be Junior Taskmaster while Wozniak is taking on the role of Junior Taskmaster’s Assistant, and both appeared on the flagship show in the past.

The two comedians are Taskmaster fan favourites in their own right. Matafeo starred in season 9 of Taskmaster, in which she ended in second place, while Wozniak appeared in season 11 where he also ended in second place.

In a statement, Matafeo said: “To be appointed as Junior Taskmaster is one of the greatest honours of my already wildly successful career. I am greatly looking forward to the power going to my head”.

Watch the trailer for Taskmaster season 15.

Wozniak added: All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a Little Alex Horne (or a regional manager for a major provider of motorway service stations) so this is literally a dream come true. I hereby vow to do my utmost to hold the office of Junior Taskmaster’s Assistant in the spirit of the original Little Alex Horne: with his courage, his grit and his dignity”.

When will Junior Taskmaster air?

Channel 4 has not yet confirmed when Junior Taskmaster will be airing on the channel, but this will likely be revealed nearer the time it’s set to be released.

Season 15 of Taskmaster is currently airing, which stars Frankie Boyle, Mae Martin, Ivo Graham, Kiell Smith-Bynoe and Jenny Eclair.

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Seven of 10 episodes have been released, at the time of writing, so news of the new Junior edition may be released shortly after the current season has come to an end.

Pictured: Frankie, Ivo, Jenny, Kiell & Mae
Frankie Boyle, Ivo Graham, Jenny Eclair, Kiell Smith-Bynoe and Mae Martin in Taskmaster season 15.

Who will appear on Junior Taskmaster?

Apart from Matafeo and Wozniak it is not yet known who else will appear on the show, though it will star five contestants in total.

The cast for the competition programme will no doubt be revealed nearer to the show’s release date, which is also usually the case with the flagship show.

Taskmaster season 15 airs on Channel 4 every Thursday at 9pm.