Jury acquits Gary man in child molesting trial

A jury acquitted a Gary man on all counts Wednesday in a child molesting trial.

Olalekan McNeary, 51, was charged in August 2021 with seven felonies, including two counts of child molesting, and two counts of rape.

The victim, now a young adult, testified Tuesday that McNeary molested them at age 4, then later sexually assaulted them as a preteen and for the final time on March 27, 2021.

The victim said they were only able to say what happened in May 2021 after eating two marijuana edibles. A Gary police report was made on June 4, 2021.

DNA evidence was not available in the case.

“I am extremely thankful that the jury found in favor of my client, Mr. Olalekan McNeary,” his lawyer Tracy Coleman said in a statement.

Deputy Prosecutors Tara Villarreal and Keith Anderson were assigned. The trial was before Judge Salvador Vasquez.