Jury Duty's Ronald Gladden responds to public reaction to the viral show

edy modica, ronald gladden, jury duty
Jury Duty star Ronald responds to public reactionAmazon Freevee

Ronald Gladden has opened up about his newfound fame, after the success of Amazon Freevee's Jury Duty.

The documentary comedy series that took the internet by storm, followed a three-week trial in LA, which turned out to be fake and everyone was an actor except Ronald.

The unsuspecting project manager innocently replied to a Craigslist ad to be a juror on a trial, and withstood the bizarre and absurd curveballs thrown at him on the show with patience, grace and kindness that amazed viewers.

ronald gladden, james marsden, jury duty
Amazon Freevee

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Since the show and revelation that everything was scripted, Ronald has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from fans that led to him gaining hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram.

"Literally, never in a million years did I expect this," Ronald told Variety. "I went into this thinking that nobody was going to see this.

"Once I realized that James was going to be sequestered with us and he was part of the jury, I was thinking maybe a couple million people will see this because now we have a Hollywood superstar."

edy modica, ronald gladden, jury duty
Amazon Freevee

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He continued: "Then after the reveal, and I found out it was Amazon, I was like: 'Okay, maybe this is gonna be a little bit bigger than I was expecting.'

"I never would have imagined it would have not only gotten the attention, but the positive responses as well. If there's one thing I'm happy about is that people are just responding to this so positively.

"And I hope that they just pay that forward, just being a good person in general. That's the message. I hope that this spreads."

james marsden , ronald gladden, jury duty
Amazon Freevee

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However, Ronald admitted that despite the buzz surrounding the show, including the hashtag of his name having 28 million entries on TikTok, his life hasn't changed too much… yet.

He revealed: "I'm definitely enjoying it but truthfully nothing really changed until a couple of days ago, like my social media presence grew and that was really about it. But as soon as the finale aired, and everybody saw how it ended and I'm doing all these events, now the change is actually really happening."

Jury Duty is available to watch on Amazon Freevee and Prime Video.

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