I Just Found How How Much Energy It Takes To Actually Grow A Baby And I'm In Awe

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We all know how much it takes out of your body when you’re pregnant. You’re growing a new human and providing them with all the tools needed to flourish.

As the baby grows, your organs shift and your body’s blood volume increases by 45% — all of these changes require a lot of energy and surely take a toll on your body.

But how much energy is actually used?

Well, according to scientists — a hell of a lot. So much that it was more than researchers expected.

How much energy does it actually take to grow a baby?

Last week a study was published the journal Science. Australian researchers discovered that a pregnancy requires an insane 50,000 dietary calories over the course of nine months.

Alongside this, a few years ago a study also revealed that pregnant people use almost as much energy as an endurance athlete!

It found that the cap of physical endurance was 2.5 times the body’s resting metabolic rate, which is equal to around 4,000 calories a day for most people.

With pregnant people, the energy rate hits its peak at 2.2 times the resting metabolic rate which is nearly at the limit of the physical endurance cap.

So if you find yourself getting even more tired, there’s a reason for it. Your body is using a lot of energy while pregnant.

Exercise in pregnancy is still really beneficial (even though you’re so tired!)

Even though you might want to rest, light exercise can help your energy levels and ease the strain — but remember not to overdo it.

Lucy Howlett, a personal trainer in both modern pregnancy and post-natal exercise, witnesses first hand how beneficial it can be to stay active during those nine months, but admits to hearing the opposition some women face.

She told HuffPost UK Parents: “A friend of mine once expressed disapproval of her friend training in pregnancy, while she was at her gym. She even implied that it was almost irresponsible. On the contrary!

“Women love how it boosts their sense of vitality and improves their energy levels.

“It helps to keep extra weight gain at bay while perhaps having cravings. And on a day-to-day level, it helps them to be more comfortable in their growing body, with less aches and strains.”

At the end of the day, do what feels right for your body!